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這個用法20幾年前很流行,很多每封Email的開頭都是”as per”,但時下商業溝通講求精簡,這樣說顯得老套,而且previous很多餘,直接用As we discussed / As discussed就好。 As per your request → As you requested As per our agreement → As we agreed
look like 和 look alike 差別在哪,你知道嗎? #學英文 (154789) - 癮科技 Cool3c
12 附加問句的用法: (第五冊)
標題句:Mr. Brown is her boss, isn’t he? 結 構:附加問句 在我們平時聊天時,總會聽到底下的類似對話: 甲:你這次國文考全班最高,對不對? 乙:是沒錯,但你的英文不是也考得很好,不是嗎? 甲:不小心的啦!上述的簡短對話中,第一句和第二句裡的「對不對?
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其他回答 Do as i tell you 照我說的做 Do as i told you 照我說過的做 I say no 我說不 I said no 我說過了,不 The clock says half past two 時鐘指向了兩點半 Alan is waiter . he says may i help you every single day Alan是個服務生,每天都要和顧客說我可以幫助你嗎
would rather虛擬語氣用法? 謝謝!!_百度知道
關於Said的意思和用法 的提問 單詞和短語的意思 用法和例句 近義詞 翻譯 其他提問 包含”Said”的句子的意思 單詞和短語的意思 Said my peace.是什麼意思 It’s something people talk about before dying. “I said my peace, and I’m ready to go.” It’s like you saying
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8/8/2012 · said (say過去式) 中文意思:說 這個字 我們都知道 通常會在後面加上” ” 的符號代表引用說話者的內容 然而~我想請教一下 我記得said它也有可以把” “符號去掉的用法 但句子會有些許變化 想請問去” “符號後 變化的情況是如何
你已經夠好了!勇於接納自己! (I AM UGLY.) - VoiceTube《看影片學英語》
Reported Speech 教學及用法
Reported Speech 教學及用法 你想從基礎到寫出優質複雜的句子嗎【按此了解基礎英語課程】 當你要把人家的說話,複述出來時, 就是reported speech了. (中文例)小明說: “今日我沒有上學.” 之後你複述他–小明說【當日】他沒有上學.
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You said it: 2020 from the Voice of the People
31/12/2020 · You are now following this newsletter. See all newsletters. Bob Gould, a retired cop in Suffern, N.Y., wrote in a familiar refrain: “If the subjects would have just ‘done what the cops said
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having said that definition: 1. despite what has just been said: 2. despite what has just been said: . Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile +Plus help Log out Dictionary Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken Learner’s Dictionary
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Who Said These Quotes — Voldemort Or Umbridge?

17/1/2021 · If You’re A Longtime “Harry Potter” Fan Then You’ll Definitely Pass This Villain Quote Quiz The two worst HP villains, but Umbridge is definitely more evil! by itz_da_rubber_ducky Community
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As much as 的用法點滴 山西夏縣中學外語組 翟運學 先看一道考試題: Language belongs to each one of us,to the flower sellers____to the professor much as far as C.the same as long as 【參考譯文】 語言屬于我們每一個人,屬于賣花人,也屬于


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I) You may go or stay, according as you decide.你可以自己決定是去還是留。 II)In as (so) far as we have known about the matter, we can make a decision after the meeting. 就我們對這件事情的了解程度,我們可以在會后作出一個決定。
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